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Parashat Behar

Parashat Behar begins with an entire chapter dealing with use and ownership of land, the rights and obligations of landowners, and the process of selling and mortgaging real state. It also contains laws both about indebtedness and becoming an indentured servant as a way of repaying debts through work. Behar also establishes the remarkable practice [...]

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Parashat Tazria Metzora

These two parashiyot detail the issues of tumah (ritual impurity) and tohorah (ritual purity). A woman who bears a son is tamei for seven days, and fourteen days for a daughter. The boy is to be ritually circumcised on the eighth day. There is a subsequent period of tumah for either boy or girl, and [...]

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This Parashah picks up where Trumah leaves off. Having concluded the instructions for building the Tabernacle, Tetzaveh begins with commands about providing fuel for illumination; in this case, olive oil. Aaron and his sons are to set up these lamps in the Ohel Moed, the Tent of Meeting, where they will burn from evening to [...]

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Daf HaShavuah: Bo

Sending Moses to Pharaoh again, God clarifies the pedagogy behind the plagues: “that you may know that I am the Lord”. Moses and Aaron tell Pharaoh to free the Israelites or face a plague of locusts. By this time, Pharaoh’s courtiers are disheartened and they too entreat Pharaoh to relent. Pharaoh is willing to let [...]

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Daf HaShavuah: Shemot

A new king arises over Egypt who does not know Joseph, and fears that the Israelites pose a threat to his power. The new Pharaoh forces them to brutal labour, building the garrison cities Pithom and Raamses. Despite the bitterness of slavery, the Israelites continue to thrive, so Pharaoh orders the Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and [...]

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Daf HaShavuah: Vayechi

Jacob is ill, and Joseph takes his two sons and visits his ailing father. Jacob tells Joseph that he wants to claim Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, as his own, because of Rachel’s early demise. Joseph brings them to his father’s bedside, and Jacob embraces the boys, telling Joseph, “I never expected to see [...]

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Daf HaShavuah: Parsha Vayigash

In an act of great integrity, Judah steps forward and explains that he will allow himself to become a slave so that Benjamin will not have to do so, because their father so loves Benjamin that losing his favourite son, to whom his soul is bound, would kill him. Joseph is so moved by this [...]

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Daf HaShavuah: Vayeshev

We meet Joseph as a seventeen-year-old who tells tales on his brothers. Jacob favours Joseph, presenting him with an ornate, coloured coat. This contributes to the brothers’ jealousy, as do Jacob’s recurrent dreams in which his entire family bows down to Joseph. Oblivious to the fraternal hostility, Jacob sends Joseph to report on how his [...]

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Daf HaShavuah: Parsha Vayishlach

Jacob prepares to face his brother at Seir. Attempting to assuage his brother, Jacob sends servants in advance, who report that Esau is with four hundred men. Fearing violence, Jacob divides his retinue into two separate camps, hoping that at least one of them might survive. After praying to God for safety, Jacob sends a [...]

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Daf Vayetze 5777

On his way to his uncle’s house, in the middle of the wilderness between Paran and Beersheva, Jacob prepares to sleep, a stone for a pillow under his head. He dreams of a stairway reaching from the ground to the heavens, with angels at once ascending and descending, and of God standing by his sleeping [...]

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