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Edgware Masorti Synagogue’s Director of Youth Education is Raya Even David, and she has designed a brilliant programme.

Check out what we’ll be doing this coming year, we hope to see you there!

Raya Even David

Shabbat & Yom Tov youth club

Every Saturday and festival, from about 10:30am, the following activities will be offered simultaneously:

  • Service for ages 6 and under led by adult volunteers from our community (usually parents)
  • Club for ages 7 and up, led by our trained madrichim (teenagers)
  • Bnei Mitzvah students (ages 11&12) are invited to join a Sedrah discussion after the Torah Portion
R' Mijael teaching BM students

Bnei Mitzvah Programme

  • Every Sunday morning, kids preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony will learn an array of relevant topics, such as “Jewish Heroes” or “Jewish Social Action”. Check out our activities from last year: For more information, on the program click here.
  • Every fortnight on alternating Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, our POST BNEI MITZVAH students continue to meet, study and bond together. All 13+ invited to join!
BM ceremony in EMS

Mega Events

About once a month, EMS hosts a multigenerational activity, for example: A Challa Bake for Shabbat UK in October, our annual Chanukah Party in December, Hamantashen for Hunger (cookie baking) for Purim in March and a Chametz Hunt (treasure search) for Passover.

Check out our activities from the last years:

In 2017, EMS received media coverage when we hosted a DiversiTea Party for Mitzvah Day in November during which a mixed faith group of youth hosted senior members from our very own synagogue along with local Church and Mosque goers to make it a true celebration of age and religion. See the footage here:

Adult Education

  • Cafe’ Ivrit – Every Tuesday evening – advanced levels welcome to join
  • Mishna Class – Every Wednesday evening – all welcome to join
  • Leyning Course (haftarah) – Every Thursday Evenings – must know how to read Hebrew
  • Film Screenings – Every 6 weeks on different days of the week

For more details, contact

Hebrew for advanced speakers
study mishna in edgware masorti
Learn how to leyn HAFTARAH in EMS
Ivrit litteracy