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Tetzaveh – A thought for the week by Mike Lewis

In 1603 CE, in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Polonius states that “apparel oft proclaims the man”. Even earlier, in 1500 CE, Erasmus wrote, as part of his Adages, “ornamental clothing makes the man” This week we are given the details of the elaborate costume which the Cohen Gadol is to wear. This is elaborated in the [...]

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Mishpatim – A thought for the week by Mike Lewis

Last week, in Parasha Yitro, we read the Aseret Hadibrot, the “ten utterances” or general principles. Now, this week, in Mishpatim come the details, what is to become “Torah min Hashamayim “or “Torah mi Sinai” The word “Torah” is untranslatable. It means different things that only appear together in the book with that name, Torah [...]

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Yitro – A thought for the week by Mike Lewis

The Sedra starts with God outlining the terms of the covenant that is being proposed, that is, to become” A kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”  What is being offered here is not a contract, seeking mutual interests, but a bond of loyalty and trust. Contracts are all about “Me” and “You”; covenants are [...]

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