Linda Lassman

Linda has been the Administrator at Edgware Masorti since June 2000 and feels lucky to be working with such a great community.

“Good morning. EMS. How can I help you?“

It is Linda’s voice you hear when you call the office and she loves answering queries – no question is too small or silly. Linda is the author of most of the EMS emails and newsletters and enjoys tweeting for EMS and posting on the EMS Facebook page. When not at work Linda enjoys spending time with her family and walking amongst trees and tulips.


David Grossman


Sarah Nathan

For the past few years, Sarah has been in charge of events and part of the welfare team. She is now co-chair with David.

Senior Warden

Stephen Fidler

Stephen is the head lay leader in charge of religious services in our shul. Working closely with the Rabbi, Stephen also chairs our services committee.

Honorary Treasurer

Daniel Davis

Daniel has been a member of EMS since around 1990. Married to Laura, they have two adult children, Joanna and Oliver. They’ve always enjoyed being part of the inclusive EMS family. Daniel’s work is in the dental industry in a long-established family business. When he is not working or being treasurer, he participates in the Radlett Musical Theatre Company. For exercise it is gym, walking and skiing.

Council Member

Tony Allan

Tony joined EMS's council so that he could get more involved in the running of the synagogue. His main role is “House” – keeping the premises maintained as much as possible, making sure the heating and lighting are timed for when the shul is in use, supervising major shul decorations from building the succah to replacing flooring and doors.

Tony’s been co-chair for 3 years and on council for 7 years, and his commitment has spread to every one of his family members, since his wife Jean volunteers on our Kiddush team, his son Leon in our security and his daughter Shani in running children’s services.

Council Member

Susan Leigh

Susan and her husband Michael have had the honour of being the first couple to be married under the auspices of EMS, by Rabbi Louis Jacobs in 1987. Susan works as an Orthoptist for the Royal Free Hospital and it’s not unusual for her to bump into fellow congregants at any of the local eye clinics! She joined the Shul before she met Michael and it’s been wonderful to be a part of the community and to see their 3 children (now all grown up) and themselves make life long friends at the Shul. In her spare time, she loves to cook, travel and read. Susan is also addicted to on-line scrabble.

Council Member

Solly Matalon

Solly joined EMS, together with his late wife, almost 30 years ago, in February 1988, when they moved to Borehamwood. Before that, they had been members of what is now Buckhurst Hill Masorti (it used to be New Essex Masorti Synagogue). They were drawn to Masorti after they had a bust-up with the United Synagogue in 1995/6, and were looking around for a new Synagogue. They tried Reform, but it was not for them – they were both used to a traditional type of service that Reform couldn’t offer (although they don’t have anything against Reform - to each their own, after all). By chance, his wife saw a short article in Bridge, the local Jewish newspaper, about a new, small community, that met in Woodford Green, a few miles from where they lived. This community followed an adapted United Synagogue service, families sat together, it didn’t matter how they got there (as long as they got there), and vitally, nobody was turned away because they couldn’t afford to pay (which is why they left United). So they gave it a try, and were hooked. When they moved to this area, they asked about Masorti communities near Borehamwood, and were pointed in the direction of EMS. These days, as is said, Solly is proud to serve on Council, and has been the editor of Or Hadash for two and a half years.

Council Member

Michael Alexander

With his wife Liane, Michael joined EMS some 19 years ago, a few months before the then new Rabbi Collick was appointed. As a family, they have been very active members right from the start. With 2 young boys, Liane was involved, very early on, in running the “under 6’s” service and was on Shul council for some years. Toby, their eldest son, is still a regular face in Shul as part of the Madrichim team. Michael has been a dependable member of the Security Team from way back, under the leadership of the late Geoffrey Adler. He’s been a member of the EMS Catering Team for over 6 years, firstly under the guidance of Pat Burns and for the past 4 years has taken over the helm as Head of Catering at EMS. Catering is in his blood and he successfully completed a degree in Catering Management in his early 20’s. Michael enjoys purchasing and preparing our weekly Kiddush and for other events as well. Our small team have received many complements for our hard work and quality of food. All members of EMS are encouraged to celebrate their personal or family Simchas on an appropriate Shabbat – we have prices and styles to suit every occasion, and we’d be delighted to discuss your catering requirements in detail.

Council Member

Barry Mitchell

Brenda and Barry left United Synagogue to join Edgware Masorti in 1990 and have been active members since then. They both immediately enjoyed the warm and relaxed atmosphere of what they felt was, and still is, a unique community, and enjoyed being able to sit together. Barry was a member of the Council many years ago and two of their three sons were members of Noam who went on the Meltam programme to progress as leaders. Their middle son, David, went further and after returning from Israel on the Machon programme, acted as Rosh (Head) for Noam. “It is an honour and privilege to once again be a Council member and to give back and serve the community that we have come to love."

Council Member

Michael Dashwood

When Michael went to a “traditional service” at Edgware District Reform Synagogue many years ago, Neil Kaufman (life president) told him that a few people were setting up a new “Conservative” community which would follow the teachings of Rabbi Louis Jacobs. The initial services were held in the summer house of one of the organisers, with the congregants all taking part. The great move forward was when “Edgware Conservative Community” moved into its new home at Brady Maccabi in Manor Park Crescent. Although he was a regular worshipper, for personal reasons his family did not become members of Edgware Masorti Synagogue for several years – after the community had already moved into the new building on Stream Lane. Since then, Michael has served on the Shul Council, was involved in fundraising and looks forward to helping EMS move forward.

Council Member

Ian Abrahams

Ian is in charge of PR and our attaché to the Masorti Movement.

Council Member

Nicky Buckland

Nicky is our security liaison and works closely with CST.

Life President

Neil Kaufman

Neil started the Shul in 1984 with 12 families. He was, together with Jackie Chernett, co-chair as they planned the development of the community, for example with cheder and weekly services. Neil has been leading services, davenning together with other people, reading the torah and teaching others, and helping to get new members, ever since.

Life President

Allan Wien

Allan joined the shul a couple of years after it started in about 1986. He became Treasurer a couple of years after that. He operated from the Brady-Maccabi building, on Manor Park Crescent. He was chairman of the Search Committee and found the location where we are now which was an old bakery at the time. He arranged the purchase of the shul’s current site, raised money to develop the site for the shul and has been donating and raising money from members ever since.

Life President

Harold Segal